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aboriginal ancestral wisdom

Aboriginal Ancestral Wisdom has a unique method of exploring the same situation from various viewpoints, by including a light and dark message from the Ancestors on each card, all the while working between 4 different environments:

Freshwater Wisdom 

Saltwater Wisdom

Desert Wisdom 

Rainforest Wisdom

The light messages are confirmation that we are on the right path and offer words of wisdom and encouragement to continue on the journey, whereas the dark messages prompts us to consider things differently and explore other ways in which we could attain an alternative outcome. 

aboriginal shadow healing


Aboriginal Shadow Symbols are a deck of 40 mini cards for self reflection, particularly for times when the light of our spirit is dimmed by circumstances surrounding us.  Each card has a Shadow Word followed by words of encouragement and inspiration to build your confidence and create strategies to manage the situation.


The Aboriginal Shadow Symbols offer a more contemporary style of Aboriginal Ancestral guidance, allowing you to attune and trust your own intuition.  Aboriginal Peoples have long used divination to gain insight to nurture their emotional and spiritual health, and these Aboriginal Shadow Symbols are a creative example of how Aboriginal Ancestors and their Peoples have modernise the ancient practice of divination.

aboriginal dreamtime journal


The Dreaming Diary is a tool to give meaning and understanding to the past, assist us to identify ways in which to move forward in the present, and finally drawing upon our wisdom to illuminate our future Dreaming.


Your Dreaming Diary is divided into 3 sections;


  • PAST – Record your memories of the past

  • PRESENT – Record daily thoughts and events as they occur

  • FUTURE – Record your hopes and wishes for the future

oracles with attitude


Oracles with Attitude are not for the faint hearted !!

This deck tells it how it is ... No angels and spirits guides channeling soft words of encouragement,  just good old fashioned "wake up to yourself" wisdom. 


These Oracles are the type of raw, unsolicited wisdom shared amongst friends whilst trying to solves the problems of the world ... or your "bestie's" love life.

If you like Cards Against Humanity, Oracles with Attitude might be a deck worth checking out!

This deck is only recommend for people over the age of 18 years

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Aboriginal Healing Oracles


Aboriginal Healing Oracle are a unique indigenous healing set of 36 cards divided into three sets of cards: Bush Medicine, Spirit Animals, and Aboriginal Ancestral Wisdom.


  • Bush Medicine cards identify the reasons for the divination, through the assistance of nature. 

  • Spirit Animal cards provide understanding in relation to the current situation, through the help of Australian native creatures.

  • Aboriginal Ancestral Wisdom provides the Reader with words of affirmation and insight into the future, from the guidance of ancestral lineage.




aboriginal dreaming totems


Aboriginal Dreaming Totems have been used for thousands of years as a way of seeking advice. The use of totems is not fortune-telling in the sense that you actually see the future – instead, the dreaming totems provide the user with a means of analysing questions and seeking answers about a likely outcome. 

The future is not fixed and you have the power to change it as you see fit. If you do not like the prediction, then you can choose an alternative dreaming path.





Aboriginal Dreamtime Oracles


The Aboriginal Dreamtime Oracles are a gift from Our Aboriginal Ancestors and are channelled from the universal wisdom of past Caretakers of this ancient land.


This set of Aboriginal Dreamtime Oracles are inspired by the close connection between the Australian Aboriginal Artist/Author’s spirituality, and her relationship with Ancestors of the past. 


These cards were inspired by Australian Aboriginal Peoples Dreamtime stories for the purpose of exploring and clarifying issues that impact on our lives, together with celebrating the wonders of our successes. 


Aboriginal Chakra Goddess Cards


The Aboriginal Chakra Goddess Cards are unique.  The 49 cards consist of 7 different colours, of which each colour is represented by a Chakra Angel or Faery, a God and Goddess, and 4 chakra cards. 


This set of Aboriginal Chakra Goddess Cards are inspired by the close connection between the Australian Aboriginal Artist/Author’s spirituality, and her relationship with the deities from a range of other cultures together with the merging of the chakras.


These cards capture a distinctive and rare blend of cultures, to produce an Oracle that is based on ancient spirituality which spans time and cultural beliefs.


Aboriginal Spirit Oracle Cards


The Aboriginal Spirit Oracle Cards feature 40 beautifully illustrated cards and accompanying guidebook.


The artwork is raw and traditional and together with the channelled messages, this deck is truely authentic.  The Aboriginal Spirit Oracles are a great example of blending traditional Aboriginal culture and new age spirituality to create a deck of cards which are truely unique.  


This easy to use deck is a perfect tool to help guide you through life and assist to clarify issues.


Aboriginal Dreaming Runes


The Aboriginal Dreaming Runes are inspired by the close connection between the Australian Aboriginal Artist/Author’s spirituality and her relationship with her country.  Different variations of dreaming runes have been used for thousands of years by Aboriginal Medicine Men and Women, or the Wise People, as a way of seeking advice for the Mob. 


The Aboriginal Dreaming Runes are a set of 15 runes and includes an instructional booklet and rune pouch.


 “Rune casting" is not fortunetelling in the sense that you actually see the future, instead, the Aboriginal Dreaming Runes provide you with a means of analysing a question and seeking answers on a likely outcome. 



Aboriginal Jarjum Cards - Kids Strength Cards

The Aboriginal Jarjum cards are a fun and colourful deck of 35 Strengths Cards designed specifically for children.


The Aboriginal Jarjum Cards feature Australian animals with a simple to read strengths message on the back which relates to the animals nature and personality.. 


The cards are small so that children can handle them easily.


The Aboriginal Jarjum Cards are ideal for having conversations with children and are especially useful for professionals such as counsellors, psychologists, play therapists, teachers, etc,  who talk with children about a range of different issues.




Life, a Little Brown Dog and Shite Like That

by Michael Riddell


'Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand' Woody Allen


This quote has nothing to do with this book. I just put it in as I think it's funny. But it does go to show you don't have to be straight-laced to find your soul, to be out there. Having fun and being funny is integral to being a human being. I'm here to tell you why a bloke like me would want to find his soul and why you may want to as well.


 The mere idea of blokes with souls sounds like a disease of plague proportions, right up there with zombies, lepers and dogs with rabies. Why is this so? I have no idea except to tell you what I have seen. Most of my mates feel uncomfortable as they open up their soft side as it takes them clean out of their comfort zone when they talk about stuff that makes them feel all soft, feminine and in the eyes of adversaries and mates alike, just plain weak. As my old footballing coach would say, from here it's only a short cuddle to playing for the other team and not too many men want this. Or at least be caught out in the open. But there is one hell of a difference between blokes expressing their love and compassion for a mate and tapping them on the shoulder with a twinkle in their eye and a bullseye on their bum.


Why would I put myself through this shite when to believe in this new age stuff is to be seen as a girl? Why should blokes want to find their soul? What's the upside? Well, I'd be bullshitting if I said I knew the definitive answer. But I do know this: it has everything to do with finding the truth. Your truth. And if you're looking for the truth, the best place to start is with yourself. In doing so, a door will open for you to see the big picture and to become way better at being human. At being a bloke.