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Shades of Me

Despite an early life marred by moments of sheer despair and the agony of domestic violence, somehow Mel found the strength to survive. Then, as a young mother, she unlocked her ancestry’s secrets without realising the challenges that came with identifying as Aboriginal in Australia.
Shades of Me follows Mel’s journey as she redefines who she is and how she sees her place in the world. As Aboriginal families are being torn apart, this is a story of one woman’s fight to keep them together - one family at a time. And how, in helping others, she finds her true path in life.
Mel’s memoir is not just one of black or white or even a single shade in between: as she has discovered in her work for the community, everyone’s story is different;
hers is simply Shades of Me.
Mel Brown is a former manager of the ACT Aboriginal child protection unit and holds a Masters in Aboriginal Healing and Trauma. She has spent over 20 years providing Aboriginal counselling, spiritual healing and well-being programs for Aboriginal communities across Australia.

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