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Our Family Business


Our Family Business, is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educational resource, designed to help people better understand family violence for themselves, their families and their communities.

Family Violence in local Aboriginal communities is often talked about… by everybody else. You hear about it from the police, child protection agencies, local government publications, the media, community service providers, etc.

Yet now there is a unique opportunity to hear stories and experiences of Family Violence, as well as ideas for change and healing, from within the Aboriginal community itself.


In “Our Family Business”, a DVD produced locally by Spirit Dreaming Inc. (Ballina)  a group of women, children and Elders share their very personal and deeply moving stories of Family Violence… from ‘the Face’ (what it looks like) and ‘the Heart’ (what it feels like) to ‘the Spirit’ (what it takes to change) and ‘the Soul’ (the wisdom gained).


The DVD and three books addressing Family Violence were created to provide education and information to anyone experiencing, or wanting to gain knowledge in relation to the issues of family violence.



Funded  by Office of Women's Policy, NSW

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