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Shifting Sands of Time

The Shifting Sand of Time is a collection of work which depicts Aboriginal Elders sharing their stories about life, love, holding on & letting go,

an exhibition of paintings by Aboriginal women depicting their journey through grief and loss & recovery,  & a collection of stories from

Aboriginal young people sharing what

their families mean to them.


Family, community and kinship relations are often deep and complex.  Sometimes it's much easier to think of the bad than to remember the good.  


When a group of Aboriginal High School students were invited to share what they most appreciated about their families and carers, as well as what they wished they could experience more of, this is what they had to say...

 A group of Bundjalung Elders re-tell a story which has influenced their upbringing.  The aim of the book is to relate how these stories have influenced the way in which we learn our Aboriginal way of life,  and how this impacts and shapes us as individuals and communities. 

Elder's Gallery

Click on image to expand and read their story

Funded by NSW Community Builders

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