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Through our Dark Eyes

Through Our Dark Eyes
is a snapshot of how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People view the challenges and possiblities of leadership, resilience, grief and loss and the beauty of
re-creating Aboriginal ceremony


The “Through Our Dark Eyes” exhibition displayed paintings, masks, and photography pieces, created during a variety of workshops with Aboriginal adolescents, Aboriginal adults and Aboriginal Elders.

This collaboration of work reveals the challenges and possibilities of “Leadership and Resilience”, “Grief and Loss” and “Recreating Ceremony”, showcasing each individual’s courageous and deeply moving story. Funded by Department of Human Services, the “Through Our Dark Eyes” programs were produced locally by Spirit Dreaming Inc, with the assistance of Sacred Space Counselling & Healing.


People in the community often talk about the many trials, tribulations and triumphs of Aboriginal people… yet how often do Aboriginal people speak about these things themselves, let alone showcase their personal stories?

“Through Our Dark Eyes” provides a unique opportunity to see and hear from local Aboriginal people about issues such as grief and loss, leadership and resilience, ceremony in old and new ways, and words of wisdom.



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"Leadership means sticking

up for others.  

Anyone can be a leader,

no matter who you are"

Aboriginal Students

Kyogle High School 

Funded by NSW Community Builders

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